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80% Reduction of Risky Driving Behaviors in Hunan Province

Time: 2020-04-29

On Jun.26, 2016, a catastrophic traffic accident that took place on a highway of Hunan Province had hit the headlines and shocked the whole nation. The travel bus accident caused 35 deaths, 13 injured and a direct loss of around 23 million RMB (approximately over 3 million US dollars). Later investigation revealed the direct cause of the accident to be fatigue driving. The State Council conducted a thorough evaluation on the local government of Hunan on their public safety management procedure and rated them very poorly.

This certainly wouldn’t be the last public safety hazard caused by risky driving behaviors in China and the rest of the world. As modern traffic brings unparalleled efficiency and convenience, it also calls for effective safety management measures. The Hunan Province chose Streamax Active Safety Solution as their answer to improved driver’s behavior, boosted management efficiency and a safer public traffic landscape.

Due to the urgency and extensive requirements issued by the local government of Hunan, the project is very challenging. The deployment window was extremely short: 16,000 installations within 90 days. The AI accuracy must be above 90%, as events captured would serve as evidence on the issuance of violation tickets. Along with that, customized AI features such as texting detection and seatbelt detection and passenger overload detection had to be developed. Nevertheless, as of Nov.15, 2019, all 16000 installations had been successfully deployed thanks to devotion of Streamax staff and local governmental support. The system had been up and running, yielding positive results.

The Streamax Active Safety system implemented for the Hunan project combines AI-Powered front-end devices with a robust back end platform to facilitate a multi-dimensional, industry-specific safety management procedure. With the platform interlinking with transportation companies and several government supervision departments, the system was able to implement extensive management that assists and warns drivers, while allowing businesses and authorities to execute necessary interferences, in order to prevent and convict accidents or risky behaviors, for an overall safer environment on the road.

Overall, the project is a success with impressive outcomes. The Streamax Active Safety system were proved to deliver an accuracy of above 95% for ADAS and DSM features, and an accuracy of above 90% for the newly incorporated AI+ features. With an average event upload time as fast as 17s, our platform was still able to sustain reliable performance processing the simultaneous data flow of 16000 vehicles and 1000+ APP users. We have also implemented analysis and reports on false alerts, aiming at sustainable system optimization.

Visible positive impact generated after installation were yet another powerful proof of the system’s effectiveness. Within 3 months (Sept. — Dec. 2019), we have recorded a decrease in total risky driving behaviors from 700,000 to 120,000 per day. Businesses and authorities were able to monitor driver’s behavior through reports directly generated from our platform, supported by easy-to-access database. By rewarding good drivers and educate bad ones, overall group performance could be enhanced.

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