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Streamax Active Safety Bus Solution

Time: 2020-05-14

As science and technology advances, comprehensive solutions of buses evolve from basic video monitoring and operation & dispatch to more informatized and intelligent solutions. To ensure the safety of buses and pedestrians, bus service capabilities and service levels need to be constantly improved. In response, Streamax launches intelligent products and solutions in accordance with the “people-first” idea of urban transport.

Scientific operation and caring service

Urban public transport plays a significant role in meeting basic travel demands of citizens, is an integral part of modern transportation industry, is closely related to daily life of the common public and indispensable to urban operation and economic development.
Our active safety solution can tackle problems such as illegal driving and bus emergencies to enhance convenience and safety of bus rides and monitor public safety hazards. Likewise, our distinctive passenger counter is able to improve inefficient dispatch and manual statistics of passenger flow to boost vehicle dispatch efficiency.

Active safety, proactive defense

①Safe cabin 
The bus safe cabin system is made up of two parts: driver state monitoring (DSM) analysis and safe cabin (SC) analysis. Streamax AI algorithm is able to timely detect and recognize abnormal driving behavior of drivers such as fatigued driving, smoking while driving, not looking ahead for a while, not in the driving position, one hand/two hands off the steering wheel and no seatbelt fastened through big data learning. Besides, the system is capable of IR-blocking glasses recognition, covered camera recognition and driver validity check and can give voice prompts and alarms accordingly to minimize traffic accidents. 

②Dual-lens ADAS
Intelligent bus dual-lens ADAS system can detect and recognize features of front vehicles, lanes, pedestrians and crosswalks in combination with AI algorithm through collecting information of road conditions. Therefore, it effectively forecasts hazards on the road or illegal behavior like forward collision, lane departure, pedestrian collision, slowdown at the intersection and no courtesy to pedestrians to cut down on the number of traffic accidents. 

③Blind spot detection (BSD)
Intelligent blind spot detection (BSD) system is a set of advanced system against pedestrian collision within bus blind spots. It detects and recognizes bus blind spots through cameras and AI algorithm in combination with the analysis of vehicle motion status to effectively forecast the risk of pedestrian collision. `Besides, the system can also precisely detect motor cyclists, bicyclist and pedestrians. When a BSD alarm is given, the system will send audible and visual alarms to drivers and pedestrians simultaneously to avoid traffic accidents.

Passenger flow statistics helps with decision-making
The solution can obtain accurate statistics of passenger flow based on sophisticated algorithm and hardware. With our solution, we enable dispatchers to make timely and reasonable decisions regarding bus dispatch. Besides, analysis of operation provides strong data support for formulation of operation plans, route generation, route adjustment, cost management and vehicle dispatch, which elevates bus service levels and capabilities in an all-round way. 

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