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3 Developing Ways for Connecting Network Function with Customers
Streamax currently offers three developing methods for connecting network function with customers: 1. Middleware; 2.SDK; 3 Communication protocol between the device and the platform. 
Below are the characteristics of each methods:

I. Middleware

    Middleware can be used to develop BS (browser - server) and CS (client - server) structure program, a complete middleware development kit includes four parts: ocx development kit, complete Streamax server software, development documentation, demo source code. 
Below is the structure graph: 

The advantages of middleware: 

1.It doesn’t need attention to interactive process of each function between Streamax  devices and platform, using only a few interfaces to complete the video-related features;
2.There is only one video window for the OCX control displayed on the UI, without any other button or interface, which is easy for customers to realize the uniform of their own UI layout and the style; 
3.OCX control interfaces can be called by C, C ++, C #, javascript, java and other development languages. 

The disadvantages: 

1. The BS structure currently only supports IE browser and does not support Google or Firefox browser; 
2. Streamax server currently only supports Windows server operating system, and may not be installed on the same server computer with the customer's server. 


SDK development kit includes four parts: network SDK, decoding SDK, interface documentation and source code related to demo. SDK development kit can be integrated in-depth with the customer's platform.
The structure graph is as follows: 

The advantages of SDK: 

1. No UI interface; customers can use their own UI and style;
2. High flexibility. SDK development package does not contain any Streamax server program, the customer can use the SDK to connect Streamax device to the customer's own server program, and forwards the data needed between the client platforms;  
3. The interface can be called by C, C ++, C #, javascript, java and other development languages. 

The disadvantages: 

1. Customers need a detailed understanding of the internal interaction process of each function. For example, to achieve real-time video preview forwarded between multiple clients, customers need to send a request to call interface command, get real-time video data through the callback interface, then forward client server program which will forward video data of the same channel to multiple clients and initiate reconnect when the link is disconnected; 
2. Customers need a detailed understanding of the definition in Streamax documentation. For example, to know the start and end time of 3515 devices video files, customers need to analyzing filelist files; 
3. Streamax SDK development kit is currently available only in the windows operating system. It does not support Linux, IOS, Android and other operating systems; 
4. Customers need to develop a signaling server and video transmission server. 

III. Communication protocol between the device and the platform

To use communication protocol between devices and platforms for development, customers need integrate the other information to completely achieve the video-related functions. The combinations includes: communication protocol + decoding SDK and communication protocol + video file frame format document. 
The structure graph is as follows: 

The advantages of communication protocol: 

1.Maximum flexibility. Customers can develop functions in line with their own needs based on the communication protocol, rather than being subject to Streamax interface in the form and process; 
2.Customers can develop program for any operating system. 

The disadvantaged of communication protocol: 

1. High demanding on customers’ professional competence. Customers need to learn more about each function in the interaction process between the device and the platform, and use the corresponding protocol to communicate; 
2. Customers need to learn more about definition in the protocol documentation, including the format and meaning; 
3. Customers need to understand the form definition of Streamax file,s in order analyze or present the files. 


1.These three ways are the methods for network functions connection. If the customer needs to achieve functions such as "export or playback hard disk data through connecting to PC with USB after the hard disk is pulled down”, all the three ways require an additional hard disk read and write library SDK. 
2.The three ways of customer expertise requirements rank from low to high as follows: middleware, SDK, communication protocol. 
3.The vehicle information management and user rights management of all the three methods require platform development of the customer. Streamax does not manage such kind of basic data. 

How to install the AP antenna?
Install the AP antenna a few meters higher than the vehicle WIFI antenna. Make sure it is within visible range together with the vehicle antenna.  
How to install the WIFI antenna?
The antenna must be installed on unobstructed place of the roof, and be fixed with glue. 
Why use the 5.8GHz external WIFI?
2.4GHz is with good penetration, but transfers short distance. 
5GHz transfers long but is with poor penetration. 
2.4GHz is with good anti-attenuation capability. But there are too many devices using 2.4GHz, which causes a lot of interference and can not ensure sufficient stability. 
802.11N uses 5.8GHz with three UNII bands from 5.1 ~ 5.8GHz. The best advantage is that so far few devices use this frequency band. Many countries require application for the permission to use this band, therefore the interference is very small and can ensure the quality of transmission. However there are also disadvantages: weak resistance to decay indoor, can stop working if with several wall insulation.  
Why it download so slowly through WIFI?
The actual speed is affected by various elements. 
1. 802.11 N standard is 300MB with the total bandwidth of bidirectional transceiver. One-way  bandwidth only needs 150 MB. 
2. Within short point-to-point distance it can reach 150Mbit. It becomes slower if transferring among multiple points at the same time, with the problem the wrong code and more connected devices. What’s more, the WIFI adaptive mechanism itself will adaptively reduce the bandwidth for the worst signal. 
What is the WIFI transferring speed?
Built-in WIFI: theoretically, 802.11N can reach up to 300Mb. During video downloading, the built-in point-to-point download speed is only 2.5 MB/S. Actually it transfers at 1 MB/S if there are three or more built-in WIFI device transferring at the same time. The more devices, the more slowly. It is recommended to download data within two devices at the same time; 
External WIFI: the point-to-point video downloading speed can reach up to 4 MB/S. If there are less than three device, it transfers at 10 MB/S at the same time. The more devices, the more slowly. It is recommended to download data control within five devices at the same time.  
What is the WIFI transferring distance?
2.4GHZ can be transferred about 100m outside. To achieve better effect we need to transfer within 50m. 
5GHZ can be transferred about 300m outside. To achieve better effect we need to transfer within 100m. 
What is the difference between built-in WIFI and external WIFI?
Built-in WIFI wireless transfer data via USB WIFI signal chip, with the processing capability based on MDVR main device, which is weaker transmission ability; while the external WIFI is with independent operating system and with more powerful processing capability. 
Which IP waterproof level does Streamax device support?
Currently, X7 and X5-III support waterproof IP 54. 
What will happen to the network transmission when connecting to the standard POE IPC of third-party ONVIF protocol?
1. N9M supports IPC real-time automatically adjusting network transmission code rate according to bandwidth. 
The IPC from the other manufactures on ONVIF protocol may not automatically adjust it. Generally it need to disconnect and reconnect the IPC after it change the code rate, which causes the network transmission stuck.
2.It also changes on ONVIF standard. Not all the IPC from other manufactures can directly use it. At one time we connect an IPC from AXIS, it need complex settings and firmware updating so as to connect it successfully. 
3.The network transmission has little effect with MDVR main device. If the IPC network transmission is not optimized enough, it will affect the final terminal display effect. MDVR is only responsible for transmitting the sub-code stream of IPC. 
Why there are two WIFI ports on the rear panel of X3-H0204/X3-H0402?
When initially designing the product, we used the 802.11ac standard solution for WIFI, which need two WIFI antenna. However, the current WIFI still uses 802.11bgn standard. One is reserved WIFI port. The two antenna ports have no difference and can be either selected. 
Why can not find the communication module after opening the cover and connecting Easy Check?
The device is in short of HUB resource. When the front cover switch on/off , the connection mode also switched, namely, when the cover is closed, it connects through dialing 3G/4G; when the cover is opened, it connects through Easy Check. 
Do X1-H0401 and X1-N0400 use the same hard disk case?
Yes, they use the same hard disk case. 
But the X1 series based on 3515 use hard disk case different from these X1 series based on N9M, while the hard disk cases are with the same outside design. 
What is the difference between M1-II and M1-A04?
M1-A04 supports dual SD card recording and built-in mirror recording. Without network interface on the main device, it supports RS232, but it does not support RS485; 
M1-II does not support built-in mirror recording, neither dual SD card cycling recording. With network interface on the main device, it supports RS485, but it does not support RS232.
How to switch Easy Check between Chinese and English?

There is no languages switch in Android Easy Check .apk. Language switch means switching on mobile phone or Android pad. In addition, if the language is set to Traditional Chinese, the Easy Check software will automatically set as English status. 

Can not find the black box in Ceiba II server playback. We’re sure that there is normal-sized black box.

1. The service need to connect the mongdb database on the server. Therefore we need to check the status of mongdb database. 

2. 1) Check the debug print information if it indicated that the service can not connect to 27017

2) Check the mongdb server if it has successfully started. 

3. Check the mongdb log if it indicates “locked”

4. Repair the problem with the repairing tool in CMS server shortcut. 

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