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Fleet Management and Surveillance System in Vehicle

In-vehicle Surveillance Systems Introduction

The most important expenses of global logistics are fleet management, driving route management and fuel consumption, and how to manage and monitor these costs as a database is an imperative issue. To create an efficient driving route, monitor driver behavior, promptly monitoring a vehicle's health status and real-time positioning are all key factors for logistic operations. Streamax in-vehicle surveillance systems can perform efficient driving routes and monitor the vehicle's payload well. That data can then be uploaded to a control center and record the driver's behavior to optimize management.


In-vehicle Surveillance  System Diagram

Streamax MDVR video surveillance system, the Video Telematics, can help analyze driver behaviors and optimize driving route to achieve cost reduction and ensure driver & cargo safety. These data will be transmitted to control center and analyzed in time. Control centers, after indicating the driver's information, instructions, delivery road conditions and real time weather information to ensure safety and efficiency, can reduce the cost of their logistic operations.

MDVR/on board control unit/on board CCTV can connect with HD car camera and other vehicle components. Monitoring the vehicle's payload and driving route may reduce or avoid the possibility of disaster and ensure safety from damage or theft.

Available for Commercial Vehicles

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