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Vehicles Tracking Management System VTMS

Challenges During Operation

SecurityWhen there is theft  happening in the vehicle, it is hard to recognize the behavior and face through the recording.

Evidence management: It is difficult to manage video evidence.

Maintenance: Most problems are not found until the device gets wrong. Even the maintenace staff comes, he only solves parts of the problem.

GDS: It is difficult to monitor bad driving behavior, such as curving, gliding, revving, idling etc...

Event search: It is inconvenient and complicated to search over speed recording evidence according to report.

Reliability: It is hard to make recording stable after sudden power- off.

HD Mobile DVR Surveillance Solution

Streamax ITS(Intelligent Transportation System)can bright your mind and give you much surprise. Streamax is a market leader of fleet management and vehicle tracking management, can suit all commercial vehicles and mobile plant.Besides,Streamax mobile CCTV can help reduce the risk of collisions and protect vulnerable road users by minimizing vehicle blind-spots and assisting drivers to drive safely.

Software CEIBA II - Four in One

Streamax represents the leading edge of vehicle tracking management. The proven performance of on board control unit and digital video recorders are combined with revolutionary software and ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) technology to create excellent fleet management that meet the demanding needs of fleet administrators and vehicle operators worldwide.

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