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Taxi Fleet management Surveillance Solution 

Taxi Video Surveillance Background

Streamax Taxi video surveillance system is aimed at addressing the issues in the private and union taxi sectors,which have received numerous complaints such as denying passengers, refusal to charge by the official rate rudeness, speeding,and careless driving behavior.

Streamax in-vehicle surveillance systems

1. Developing a taxi calling service using smart phones,where people can call for participating taxis registered at taxi service centers.

2. Installing essential equipment on all taxis,such as a fee system that connects with a database,recording travel information, and GPS tracking, instruments that transmits data on distance, time, geolocation,route, speed, fee charges, driver identification, cameras,and emergency buttons that inform service centers in the event of an emergency.

This would contribute towards improving the service quality and behavior of taxi in a sustainable manner.I ask various taxi unions to comply with these new measures so that we can effectively monitor the quality of drivers and not lose credibility among customers.

Taxi Recording Surveillance System Diagram

Streamax in-vehicle surveillance systems, offers a solution capable of simultaneously recording multiple types of car camera views, including IP cameras, at up to 1080P resolution.

Mobile Camera/the on Board CCTV/Mobile DVR Recording

On-call Sequence of Intelligent Transportation System ITS (Passenger can get a taxi by a phone in a second.)

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